Privacy Policy

We value privacy. We try to process the least amount of personal data possible. Our service requires us to process some personal data.

This privacy statement explains what personal data we store and with what purpose.

Last update: 27 May 2024

Who is UI Colors?

UI Colors is a product built by Erik de Vries. You can contact me at

What personal data do we process?

Depending on the type of use of UI Colors, we store different types of data.

If you’re a paying customer of UI Colors, we process the following data:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Country

If you login with your Google account, we process the following data:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • URL to your Google avatar

If you login with a Magic link, we process the following data:

  • Email address

When you browse our website:

  • IP address
  • Internet browser and type of device
  • Visited pages

Why is this personal data processed?

We only process data that is required to provide our service.

For our customers, we process your data to:

  • Provide you with our services
  • Provided you with updates to our product or services
  • Provide your with support and verify who you say you are

If you use our website, we process your data:

  • To gain insight in the usage of our website with the goal of improving our website

How long is my data stored?

If you’re a UI Colors user, we store your data as long as you are a user. We keep your contact data even after you’re no longer a customer, so we can provide a better service if you contact us later. We’re obliged by law to keep financial data for at least 7 years.

Data on website visitors is stored for 14 months and (pseudo) anonymized where possible. When you send us an email, the contents of the mail are kept indefinitely. This way, we can look back on our communications and see any agreements we made.

Data security

We will secure this data in an adequate manner, such as encrypted storage where possible and the usage of secure TLS connections between our servers and you as a user.

We also have appropriate organizational measures in place to prevent the loss or illegal processing of your data. In case we store data on servers of subprocessors, we will make sure appropriate security is in place and guarantee privacy.

Third parties

We will never sell or rent out your personal data. We will never provide your data to other organizations unless we’re required by law.

We do use some sub-processors for parts of our service, which technically have access to parts of the data.

  • Supabase
  • Lemon Squeezy
  • Resend
  • Splitbee

Cookie usage

We use functional cookies, for example, to know which user is logged in to UI Colors. We also use Splitbee for analytics, which uses its own cookies.


We use Splitbee on our website to learn how the website is being used. Your behavior on our site is therefore sent to Splitbee. No personal information is being sent to Splitbee.

Access to your personal data

You have the right to ask us for any of the data we process. You can request this in writing per email via We will respond within 4 weeks.

Subsequently, you have the right to request for us to add to, correct, or delete this data unless we’re required by law to keep this data stored.


If you have any complaints about this privacy statement, please let us know first. We promise to take any complaint seriously and provide you with an appropriate response.

Changes to the privacy statement

Whenever we make changes to processing personal data, we will update this privacy statement. On this page, the most up-to-date version is always available.

Any questions about privacy at UI Colors? Please send an email at